Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beach Trip Plans!

Hello!  As you heard in class, we’re going to the beach this Friday, September  30thfor the first lab.  Santa Monica is a great beach, relatively close by, and has an awesome pier for anyone willing to stay longer.  There are also a bunch of really cool rings/ropes for anyone dying to feed their inner gymnast.

According to the magical powers of Google search, the sun will set at 6:40pm.  The weather is expected to have a high of 73°F (23°C) and a low of 62°F (17°C).  For anyone interested, the wave forecast is 3ft in height with a period of 11 seconds. 

I thought we could plan on arriving at the beach around 6:00pm to be safe.  Santa Monica is about 30 minutes away without traffic. However, the 110 freeway can be jam packed on a Friday evening,  so we could plan on meeting at 5:00pm in Cahill. This should give us enough time to group up, get to our respective cars, and account for traffic/getting lost. 

The directions  to the Santa Monica Pier can be found  here:
 A great place to meet is just south of the pier (by the rings)

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